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ACE Hydraulic Dampers

Every action involving a lifting or lowering motion i.e. opening a hatch lid, there are masses in movement which must be controlled.  If this is ignored, then the kinetic energy caused by the mass in motion can result in considerable damage. 

Hydraulic dampers are a form of linear dampers that provide absorption of shock and smooth deceleration through hydraulic fluid that allows a controlled flow from the outer to the inner chamber of a cylinder during piston actuation.  The piston rod is then returned to the unloaded position with a spring. 

Hydraulic dampers are designed for solving your automation damping problems.  These maintenance free controls are ideal for drilling and tapping equipment, pick and place automation, swinging loads, tooling fixtures, lids, slides, and more. 

There are many applications and features for hydraulic dampers such as single or double-acting designs.  Adjustment is easily achieved by pulling and turning the rod until desired damping speed is attained.  These features make hydraulic dampers a great fit for protecting your machinery. 

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ACE Controls Inc., located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is the world leader in deceleration technology. Its global customer service network includes offices in England, Germany and Japan with distributors in over 110 cities in 35 countries.